Gonio VR

The case

Back from 2016 to 2018 Gonio VR was developed in a collaboration between AATE VR and physiotherapists and experts from AscendFys. The application ensures that the rehabilitation is fun, measurable and tailored to the exact level and progression required. The program has several different functions for both the patient and the therapist. The patients range from having a minor shoulder problem to patients who depend on a wheelchair. In 2018 Gonio VR became an independent company.

The solution

Gonio VR offers different activities for different patients, and each of these activities are customizable to fit the patients needs. By performing a screening in the beginning of the training session, we are able to customize each activity to the physical ability of the user. The combination of having several different types of activities and having each activity be customizable allow us to cover a wide range of patients. The goal of Gonio VR is not to replace physiotherapists, but rather to give the physiotherapist an additional tool to help his patients.