Breathing Space

Project picture for Breathing Space

The case

After finishing a virtual reality prototype in spring 2018, where adults diagnosed with ADHD could retreat to an isolated, peaceful, & meditative breathing place, we found it natural to explore how a similar VR solution could be made for children with ADHD. 

In schools teachers and personnel struggle with putting the right resources into helping children who have been diagnosed with ADHD. In some cases the solution becomes to exclude or shield the child from the distracting elements that occur in the learning environment.

The solution

Breathing Space is a 5-minute interactive VR experience for children with ADHD. It is an easily accessible VR tool, the child will be able to use in school situations, where a fit could happen. The VR solution helps create focus and bring calmness, but still help the child remain within a learning context. The child is taken out of the stressful situation and is instead put on a peaceful island, and given breathing instructions. Breathing space has three different relaxing activities. By using the Breathing Space application, the hope is that the child will learn how to handle frustrating situations in a calm, intuitive, fun, and educational manner.