CPR Simulator

The case

Almost every person needs to go through CPR training one or two times in their life, and many professionals are required to go through it every year or every second year. This type of training is often difficult to get access to, because it often requires an expert instructor, CPR Training Equipment (doll, AED, hygiene material, etc.), and a lot of time.

The solution

CPR Simulator makes CPR training widely available in a simple, intuitive, and customisable way. The learning experience is developed together with First-8 (first-8.dk), who’s a renowned company, selling first aid courses and material to both consumers and big companies. With CPR Simulator the user will learn the See-Listen-Feel method to conclude if the person is alive, to call an emergency operator, and tell them the correct information, and to retrieve and use the AED if it’s nearby.

Time it takes to complete learning scenario: 8-15 minutes